Shea butter – a miracle cure?

Shea butter is found in a wide variety of cosmetic products – from face cream to hand lotion. But what is actually so great about it? Where does the effective ingredient come from and how is it obtained?

Origin and production

In the Sudan zone in Africa, the shea tree grows. It is the kernels of the fruits of the tree that we know as shea butter from cosmetic products. For extraction, the nuts must be shelled and ground. Then the mass is infused with hot water. The hot water causes the fat to separate from the nut mixture and float to the top. After that, you just need to skim the fat from the surface.

In Africa, the beneficial effect of the fruits of the shea tree for the skin has been known for centuries. That is why they have long been used there for creams and ointments. It is also known in the kitchen, where it is used, for example, as cooking fat. while we know the plant even from the shelves in our supermarket shelves. Because it is often used especially in the production of chocolate.

Refined and unrefined

However, not all shea butter is the same. A distinction is made between refined and unrefined. The refined one is used much more often. It is eventually pure white due to the process, as the beta-carotene is lost. Unrefined shea butter, on the other hand, is pale white, sometimes with a slight green tinge. It is also absorbed more quickly into the skin. Unrefined shea butter contains significantly more nutrients, as vitamins and nutrients are lost during refining. Therefore, it is better to use unrefined, natural shea butter to get as many positive effects for the skin.

Shea butter – a miracle cure?

Shea butter has many notable benefits for the skin. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, binds moisture and has a cell regenerating effect. Above all, it contains rich oleic acids. Oleic acids are unsaturated fatty acids that maintain the skin’s natural protective acid mantle and have an anti-inflammatory effect. Shea butter contains, for example, palmitic, linoleic and stearic acids. It also contains vitamin E, which protects against free radicals and can thus slow down the aging of cells a little.

The contained beta carotene protects against heart disease and supports the immune system. Omega-3 fatty acids influence blood pressure, relieve joint pain and lower cholesterol levels. The unique composition of substances and beneficial care for the skin make shea butter an all-rounder in cosmetic products. Shea butter consists of 11% unsaponifiable components. This makes it even more valuable for the skin, as it adheres even in contact with water and continues to nourish the skin.

It also does not clog the pores. This circumstance is also called comedogenic. Pure, unrefined shea butter in particular tends to take less time to absorb, but due to the rich oils it can still take a little time for the skin to absorb the rich care. Small tip: on after slightly damp skin, the butter is absorbed more easily and when applied before bedtime, the skin has enough time to absorb all the important substances.

Summary: Advantages of shea butter

  • high proportion of unsaponifiable fractions
  • Skin barrier support
  • has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves itching and soothes the skin
  • helps with muscle and joint pain
  • tackles eczema, itching and skin diseases
  • contains antioxidants that slow down the aging process
  • Moisturizes and nourishes sustainably


With regular use of rich oils, the skin is well supplied with blood and nourished to the deepest layers. On the one hand, this improves the appearance of the skin. On the other hand, the skin is supplied with moisture. The ingredients in shea butter, which fight free radicals in the skin, are also ideally suited to counteract wrinkles. Shea butter also protects the skin from external influences by creating a protective layer around the skin.


Shea butter can be used to treat scars. Scars can fade or even disappear completely with their regular massage. The scar tissue becomes more elastic through the treatment and the regular creaming or massaging stimulates the blood circulation.

Healing effect

Shea butter is also used in the treatment of joint and muscle pain. Due to the anti-inflammatory effect, it counteracts the inflammation of the joints. Eczema, rashes or skin irritations benefit from the rich cream. As it relieves itching, soothes the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Hair and scalp

Shea butter works wonders not only on the skin, but also in the hair. Dry hair or split ends can be rubbed with this all-rounder. The hair thus regain shine and moisture. The application can also be done as a mask. Either leave on for 20 to 30 minutes or even overnight and then rinse off.

Itchy or flaky scalp can also benefit from the natural effect. Especially flaky or itchy scalp needs a lot of moisture and care. It is most helpful to leave the oils on overnight and then rinse them off the next morning. For a truly deep and lasting care of the scalp.


Even in lip care, the beneficial butter becomes active. The rich texture provides the lips with moisture and a concentrated amount of care. This also creates a protective layer around the lips, which protects against wind and weather, especially in autumn or winter.


Since, as explained above, unrefined shea butter is a lot richer than the conventional alternative, we recommend the products of Zoya goes pretty. The company has made it its mission to create nourishing care products with natural ingredients. Only unrefined shea butter is used in the products and the various ingredients are fused with one at 40 degrees for a natural and nourishing cream. You can find the products of Zoya goes pretty here in our online store. You can find more products from our range with shea butter here.


Shea butter is one of nature’s richest miracle products. It penetrates deep into the skin and gently nourishes the skin and also has positive effects on our health, as it combats rheumatism, allergies and eczema. If possible, always go for the unrefined alternative, as it contains more nutrients and vitamins.



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