Baseball: american batting ball

Baseball comes from the USA and is a ball sport played as a team. In the present, it is widespread in numerous countries around the world, including East Asian and Caribbean countries. In Europe, it is played in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The historical development of the game baseball

A game called “base ball†has been handed down from 1744 in England. It is said to have probably developed from precursors of cricket. The first documented baseball club was founded in the USA in New York in 1845. In Germany, physical educator Johann Christoph Friedrich GutsMuths described the sport in 1796. However, the first official match on German soil did not take place until the 1936 Olympics. In the 1950s, the sport became popular in Germany due to U.S. troops stationed here. In the meantime, there is a successful German national team.

The competition for runs

Baseball is played with nine players on each of two teams. Alternately, one team always has the right to bat and can score the points called runs. Meanwhile, the other team defends its field and tries to control the ball. The goal of the baseball game is to score more runs than the opponent. “Ining” is the term for a pass where each team was in offense and defense once. After nine innings the game is over.

Baseball game equipment

The game requires a baseball that is 7.4 centimeters in diameter. The baseball bat is made of wood or aluminum compound. Padded gloves are necessary for the player to catch the sometimes very hard balls. Some of the players must wear batting helmets, depending on their assignment, and the catcher must also don catcher’s gear. The game of baseball is available at sports clubs and fitness centers.

The game of baseball requires speed

Baseball challenges the entire body and the ability to react. The body is heavily stressed, there are numerous jerky movements. In the context of weight loss, the sport should be practiced by people who have good reactions and can run fast. Due to rackets and hard ball throwing, there is a risk of injury.



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