Yoga: philosophy and training

Yoga originates from Indian philosophy and combines elements of Buddhism and Hinduism, among others. In the Western world, the training has also gained acceptance, also because it harmonizes body and soul in various exercises.

From the monasteries to the gyms

The first yoga exercises were described around 700 BC by the Upanishads on the Indian subcontinent. Within philosophy, the human soul is seen as a traveler in a horse-drawn chariot, the human body. The horse harness is called ‘yoga’ in Indian. Accordingly, the core of the teaching deals with the union of body and soul by training the connection of these elements. In modern courses, however, the original spiritual meaning is usually no longer conveyed to the traditional extent.

Yoga promotes health

The physical exercises of the ancient Indian teachings help with various diseases of civilization. These include, for example, sleep disorders, circulatory problems, psychological problems as well as headaches and back pain. The physical exercises are called Ansas. These train a wide variety of muscle groups, but also increase the flexibility of the body, among other things. This happens mainly due to the improved blood circulation during the activation of the individual circulatory systems.

Special species and schools

There are countless schools and courses that vary different aspects of the original teaching. Various courses are tailored to specific groups; for example, some adult education centers offer hormone yoga, which is said to be particularly helpful against menopausal symptoms. The cost of a yoga class is about 50 € per month.

Not only suitable for women

In a good yoga class, not only are physical workouts performed, but a broadening of the mental horizon also takes place. For men and women it is suitable as a very gentle and balancing sport. Although the calorie consumption is relatively low at well under 500 kcal per hour, the general body health is strengthened by the activation of the circulation. If you suffer from limited movement due to joint disease or severe obesity, the sport is not recommended.



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