Apple cider vinegar – natural helper for weight loss

Apple cider vinegar is characterized by its multiple uses for nutrition and skin care. In addition, it can be used for gargling, for example, in case of cough and hoarseness. Recommended are products that come from organic farming, if possible.

Positive effect of apple cider vinegar

Many scientific studies prove the beneficial effect for the body, because it strengthens especially the immune system. Besides potassium, it also contains vitamins and trace elements. It also relieves troublesome constipation, helps with blood pressure problems and alleviates joint problems. For skin and hair care, this natural edible vinegar is also suitable.

Hardly any disadvantages in use

It is possible that slight tooth erosion may occur if the teeth are very sensitive. However, since this vinegar is always used diluted, this disadvantage should not be too serious. Usually two teaspoons of vinegar per glass of water are enough. If desired, the solution can also be sweetened with a little honey.

Regular intake helps to lose weight

This fruit vinegar can support the permanent achievement of the optimal body weight, because fat burning, intestinal activity and purification are noticeably promoted. Especially potassium, calcium and magnesium help and at the same time curb the appetite.



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