Mountaineering – slimming with summit experience

Mountain climbing is a traditional endurance sport that uses different muscle groups and burns a lot of calories. In addition, most hikers are attracted by the experience of nature and the feeling of happiness when reaching the top of the mountain.

Mountaineering in history

For a long time, mountains were seen more as obstacles that had to be overcome to get to new places. It was not until about the 14th century that people began to climb mountains out of a sense of adventure and discovery. From then on, numerous adventurers were found who set out to climb higher and higher peaks. But the ascent of the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, was not to succeed until 1953.

To small hills or high mountains

Nowadays, those who want to try mountaineering have numerous alternatives to choose from. He can start with small hills in the immediate vicinity. If he is permanently drawn to higher peaks, he can think about longer tours in well-known mountain ranges.

Most hikers are attracted to climbing high peaks and pausing at the top. There they can enjoy the feeling of having mastered the task and having arrived at the destination after much effort. In addition, mountain hikes strengthen the group feeling, as all participants have to rely on each other.

The right mountain equipment

For smaller mountains hikers do not need much equipment. Most important are suitable hiking boots and weatherproof and breathable clothing. Also, headgear and sunscreen are important to avoid sunstroke at altitude. In addition, a flashlight, pocket knife and first aid kit should be carried.

Mountaineering as an effective endurance sport

A one-hour mountain hike burns about 559 calories (assuming a body weight of 65 kilograms). This is almost as much as jogging at medium pace (650 kcal per 60 min). One advantage of mountain climbing, however, is that hikers are usually on the move for several hours. As a result, they soon achieve very good endurance. In addition, almost all muscle groups are used and trained in mountaineering, especially legs, arms, back and abdomen.



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