Effective calorie reduction with FdH?

FdH is the colloquial term for halving the amount of calories consumed daily. The composition of the diet is not changed, only the amount of food consumed is reduced by a certain proportion, usually by half.

FdH is widespread

Especially in spring, many Germans resort to this method to lose weight quickly. Thus, they do not have to give up any food, but only reduce the amount. The number of daily meals remains the same. No major change is needed in the preparation of meals.

Criticisms of this way of reducing calories

Nutritionists take a rather critical view of FdH. Unhealthy foods can still be consumed in large quantities. Many desirable substances that are important for the body, on the other hand, are often not absorbed enough. Deficiency symptoms can occur, which have a detrimental effect on health. In addition, the amount of food consumed so far is usually not examined for the exact calorie content, so the reduction is often inaccurate.

Acceptable for healthy people

FdH is quite feasible for the healthy person once, for example, to lose two or three kilos of excess weight in the spring.



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