Vitamins for healthy weight loss

In order to noticeably reduce body weight, it is not enough to simply reduce the daily amount of calories. The human organism needs sufficient vitamins during weight loss to prevent deficiency symptoms, organ damage and diseases.

Vitamins activate the energy metabolism

They boost metabolism and increase fat burning. Many of them are also responsible for the healthy appearance of the skin and hair. Other vitamin groups strengthen the cardiovascular, nervous and immune systems.

Vitamin rich products for daily nutrition

A conscious change in diet also includes optimal vitamin intake. It should be noted that the products in question should be stored or processed optimally to avoid losses. Four to five servings of fruits and vegetables are recommended, preferably in season and organic. Dried apricots are also still rich in vitamins and stimulate digestion.

Prevent the vitamin deficiency

If the supply of essential vitamins is inadequate during weight loss, pathological deficiency symptoms will result. They are recognizable, for example, by hair loss, fatigue and very dry skin. Certain growth hormones require vitamins C and B6 for fat burning, for example.



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