Glauber salt is used in many ways

Glauber’s salt is a colloquial term for sodium sulfate, which was also formerly known as sulfuric acid sodium bicarbonate. It is a sodium salt of sulfuric acid. It is a component of detergents, is used in the glass, paint and textile industries, and is also used in medicine.

Glauber’s salt as a known laxative

In the context of fasting and mild constipation, sodium sulfate is still used as a strong-acting laxative. The process is also often referred to as “glaubering”. The effect of the agent sets in quickly, it is highly effective. In naturopathy and homeopathy it is used in potentized form. It also occurs with the Schüßler salts.

Not an agent for continuous use

Glauber’s salt is not a laxative suitable for permanent use. Especially in case of constipation, other agents should be taken. Here it is also recommended to go to the doctor. Similarly, people with impaired kidney function should generally not consume sodium sulfate. Excessive use leads to dehydration of the body due to increased excretion.

Use in small doses

Glauber’s salt is suitable as a laxative to prepare the body for fasting. However, the application should remain an exception.



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