Nutrients help to lose weight

Nutrients should be supplied to the body in balanced proportions. They are also indispensable for the organism in optimizing body weight. But it depends on their share in the daily diet and your own physical constitution.

Extensive group of nutrients

This includes macronutrients, e.g. proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as essential micronutrients, e.g. vitamins, trace elements and minerals. All of these substances are important building blocks of a healthy diet and can help with weight loss. Especially the macronutrients are responsible for the energy balance of the body.

Use their special properties

Nutrients boost metabolism and thus the desired fat burning. Some foods contain dietary fiber, which curbs appetite and quickly provides a longer-lasting feeling of satiety, for example whole-grain bread and broccoli. Apples contain vitamins and are suitable as a small snack to curb cravings. Numerous spices promote digestion and at the same time weight loss with their ingredients, e.g. caraway, mustard and fennel.

Change of diet without starving

Usually one-sided diets bring only a short sense of achievement. With a conscious dietary change that incorporates nutrients into the daily diet, optimal body weight can be maintained over time.



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