Vegetables – an important component of a healthy diet

Vegetables are generally considered to be among the healthy foods and are an important part of many diet plans. Nutritionists recommend replacing the very high average meat consumption with vegetable portions. However, vegetable products contribute only a part to a balanced diet.

Vegetables are a particularly healthy food

Vegetables have a lower caloric value than foods rich in meat and fat. Many vegetables are also very rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins and thus prevent some diseases. A special feature of vegetable processing is the inclusion of antioxidants, which bind free radicals. The metabolism and the immune system are strengthened by the secondary plant substances. The journal ‘Neurology’ has recently found that with a regular and sufficient intake of vegetables, the risk of cerebral apoplexy decreases by 20%.

The recommended consumption of vegetables

Many vitamins decompose at high temperatures, so vegetable products should be eaten fresh. Nevertheless, even wrapped products should always be washed off before consumption, otherwise dangerous bacteria, which come from fertilizers, among other things, can enter the body.

A balanced diet

Vegetables should be only a part of the food intake. For example, the iron found in vegetables is much less usable by the body for hemoglobin formation than iron found in meat products.



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