Dietary fiber as a healthy food supplement

Dietary fiber is the name given to vegetable fibers that play an important role in a balanced diet. They are mainly responsible for the regulation of digestion and prevent various diseases. However, in case of increased intake, some facts should be taken into account.

Positive properties of dietary fiber

Dietary fiber regulates digestion and satisfies hunger even in small amounts. They also keep blood sugar and cholesterol levels at a healthy level. They also help prevent colon cancer, arteriosclerosis and diabetes. Many of these substances are contained in whole grain bread, legumes and muesli. A newly published study even shows that the important substances make a decisive contribution in the breakdown of abdominal fat (Tufts University study).

Dietary fiber: negative properties

The substances reduce the feeling of hunger because they swell in the stomach when absorbed with water. As a result, they extract water from the body, so care must be taken to ensure adequate water intake when eating a high-fiber diet. Nutritionists recommend a daily fiber intake of 30 g (German Nutrition Society).

Eat the right amount

Even when dieting, never add too much fiber to the body to ensure a balanced diet. Otherwise, the dehydration may result in weakening of the circulatory system, among other things.



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