Low calorie raw food satiates quickly

Raw food usually includes all plant and animal products that have not been treated with heat, e.g. by boiling, frying or baking. There are three different ways to eat a raw food diet, and they are vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous.

Ingredients are preserved in raw food

Since the products in question are not heat-treated, vitamins and trace elements are usually fully available to the human organism after consumption. Raw foods include, for example, fruits, vegetables, wild herbs and air-dried raw meat. In addition, it includes mushrooms, seeds and nuts.

High content of dietary fiber

The desired feeling of satiety, especially during diets, is quickly achieved. The dietary fiber relieves the digestive organs, because it ensures the shortening of the intestinal passage. The consumption of low-calorie raw vegetables is said to lower cholesterol levels and protect against rheumatism, gout as well as high blood pressure.

Avoid unbalanced diet

As far as possible, attention should be paid to a varied diet. Some foods, e.g. potatoes, rice and pulses, only become edible and easier to digest when cooked. Appropriate heat exposure is the best way to kill bacteria and parasites in food.



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