Fruit – natural vitamin bomb

Fresh fruit from all over the world is always available. Many vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals are essential for a healthy diet. Fructose provides quickly available energy. Seasonal-regional products are particularly recommended for raw consumption.

Fruit history

Already more than 50,000 years ago, berries and the fruits were food components of the migrating groups of people. Scientists believe that raspberries, elderberries and blueberries were harvested in simple gardens in Europe as early as about 8000 BC. In the Middle East, the beginnings of fruit growing are dated to around the 4th millennium BC. Fruit trees and bushes were planted according to plan for their own supply. In the 19th century, large fruit-growing areas were established in Europe to supply nearby towns, for example in Austria (Styria), in Italy (South Tyrol), in France and in Germany. Huge banana plantations sprang up in Central America. Today, South America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia produce large quantities of berries and fruits for export.

Ingredients and health value

Vitamins and minerals are proven to be valuable for healthy nutrition. In fact, when berries and fruits are eaten fresh and raw, the nutrients are completely preserved. The following list shows examples of the caloric value, carbohydrate content, and vitamin C and E content of native fruits, each in 100 g of fruit.

Citrus fruits are especially popular in winter. Oranges provide an average of 54 mg of vitamin C and 0.2 mg of vitamin E per 100 g, with a calorific value of just 197 kJ/47 kcal. At 12%, the carbohydrate content of oranges is comparatively low. The banana with its numerous vitamins, minerals and trace elements is virtually legendary as a power fruit. With a calorific value of 398 kJ/ 95 kcal, the banana quickly returns consumed energy.

Other ingredients such as trace elements, enzymes, coenzymes and secondary plant compounds play a major role in human metabolism. A single type of fruit alone never contains all of the 100 or so known vital substances in sufficient quantities, so that versatility and variety are also important for a balanced diet when eating fruit.

Possible uses

Fruit is not only a pleasure raw. As compotes, in cakes, in raclette, in salads and in hearty dishes berries and fruits are often used. Confectioners know countless variations of processing and combine the sweet delicacies with exquisite chocolate. Gourmet chefs enchant sauces, roasts and side dishes with everything edible that grows on trees and bushes.

Fruit salad

Lose weight healthy with fruit

Probably everyone knows the recommendation to eat fruit or vegetables five times a day. At least two hands of vegetables and 3 hands of berries or fruits should be. Many people are also familiar with the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

Those who want to lose weight pay more attention to calories and carbohydrates and therefore reduce the consumption of grapes and bananas, for example. Eating versatile means enjoying as many different varieties in different colors as possible, but always keeping the total amount in mind. Drinking plenty of fluids, preferably water, unsweetened teas or fruit spritzers, supports digestion and the elimination of metabolic waste products. In addition, when losing weight, the body needs protein in sufficient quantities to prevent muscle breakdown. Less muscle uses less energy, so muscle loss is bad for weight loss. Important ingredients from meat and fish (for example, vitamin B12) are missing in berries and fruits.

When eating raw, the freshness and hygiene is always particularly important. Thorough washing is usually sufficient to protect against dirt and adhering sprays. An exception are berries from the field and forest. The eggs of the fox tapeworm are only safely killed at about 80 °C. Therefore, it is advised to eat raw only berries harvested at a height above 60 cm.



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