Crunches: light abdominal exercises

Crunches in German means abdominal presses. This sporting exercise is used to train the abdominal muscles and has been increasingly used especially since the 1990s. It is often recommended as an alternative to sit-ups and, like them, is performed lying on the back.

Crunches and their advantages

The abdominal press allows numerous variations. Thus, the exercises can be completed with dumbbells or a weight ball. The head must not be pulled up during the exercises so that the abdominal muscles are fully engaged. Crunches are less dangerous and gentler to perform than sit-ups. The spine is not heavily stressed and damage does not occur. During the exercises, the lower back area always remains in contact with the floor.

Perform exercises conscientiously

To avoid damage to the body, the exercises must be performed very accurately. The performer must always control his posture, otherwise overuse of certain muscles can quickly occur. Also, otherwise the back could be involved unconsciously.

Varied possibilities

Crunches offer varied exercise options that can support weight loss well. Different areas of the abdominal muscles can be trained.



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