Sit-ups: strengthened abdominal muscles

Sit-ups are referred to in German as torso lifts, torso bends, or sometimes as sit-up exercises. They are an athletic exercise that involves straightening the upper body from a lying position. First and foremost, they serve to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

h2>Sit-ups challenge the entire upper body

Unlike crunches, these exercises involve lifting the entire upper body. The feet remain firmly on the ground. The movement has its center in the hip joint, and the body must draw on numerous other muscles to perform the exercise. It is not only the abdominal muscles that are engaged.

Possibly harmful if done incorrectly

If the exercises are not performed correctly, they could possibly put too much strain on the back and spine. Damage is possible. Recent sports medicine research found that this uses the large lumbar muscle more than the abdominal muscles. In very many people it is already shortened and can be damaged by sit-ups.

Carefully consider the use of technology

Most often today sports physicians recommend crunches to effectively train the abdomen. Sit-ups can still be included in daily workouts in a toned down form, however.



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