How pushups help with healthy weight loss

Push-ups help in healthy weight loss because they exercise many muscles at the same time. This specifically builds muscles that consume increased calories and can therefore help with healthy weight loss. Thus, you train the whole body and not only individual muscle parts.

Exercise execution

Push-ups train mainly the chest and arm muscles; here especially the triceps. But also the abdominal and back muscles as well as the shoulder muscles are trained. In addition, the gluteal muscles and leg muscles are also required. During execution the body is stretched. The hands are on the floor, the arms are in an extended position. The alternating bending and stretching of the arms and the resulting simultaneous lifting of the body produces the effect of targeted muscle training.

Push-ups: variations

There are different variations of this exercise, often the variations serve the specific training of a preferred muscle part. The push-up with the arm bent to the side and the feet placed to the side is used to train the abdominal muscles.

High variation range for targeted muscle building

Push-ups are effective for building muscle and, thanks to the wide range of variations in their execution, they also provide the opportunity to train individual muscle groups in a targeted manner.



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