Rice – popular cereal

Rice is one of the most important cereals, which is the staple food of a large part of humanity. It can be eaten with or without the peel. Brown rice has a mild nutty flavor, while the hulled variety has a neutral taste.

An old immigrant from Asia

Rice has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for about 7,000 years. The oldest grains found are even estimated to be 15,000 years old. This makes cereals one of the oldest cultivated plants known to man.

Rice has more to offer than people think

In their original form, the granules contain a variety of vital ingredients. Everyone knows that the cereal contains a lot of carbohydrates and little fat. This makes it a digestible source of energy. But the protein it contains also deserves attention. The proportion is small, but extremely valuable. All eight amino acids that the human organism cannot produce itself are included. In addition, the grain has to offer a lot of vitamin B1, B2 and B6, which are important for the nervous system.

The high potassium content of this cereal enables a detoxifying effect that relieves the circulation and boosts the metabolism. The high fiber content has a positive effect on digestion. Rice is even said to have a cancer-protective effect.

Valuable ingredients of the shell

In Europe, mainly the peeled variety is eaten. However, the healthy components of the grains are in the husk, which is why only brown rice is really healthy. When stored in a cool, dry place, husked rice can keep for several years. The brown rice must be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container because of the oily germ layer.

How good is the rice diet?

A rice diet leads to weight loss mainly because rice removes water from the body. This means that a yo-yo effect is pre-programmed. However, a diet that includes the grain has its advantages. The grains soak up water during cooking, which results in a well-satiating effect. If the meal is then eaten very slowly, it can still swell in the stomach and lead to satiety more quickly. So, one cup of it can make you sufficiently full and contains only about 150 calories.



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