Hamburger – versatile snack

If you want to lose weight, you probably don’t first think of hamburgers as a suitable food. But compared to some other dishes from the snack bar, the burger has surprisingly good values to show. Therefore, at least as an occasional meal, it may well be on the menu.

What makes a burger

A hamburger traditionally consists of a patty packed together with a side salad and sauces in two halves of a bun. When it comes to the question of whether a burger like this is suitable for a healthy diet, it all comes down to the ingredients. Well-known fast food chains already offer very different hamburgers. The simplest model is topped with pickled cucumbers and a few diced onions. Elsewhere, however, you’ll find burgers whose lettuce content almost exceeds the weight of the meat. Of course, these two variants are on completely different levels in terms of healthy weight loss.

Weight loss success with the simplest burger

This simple burger with pickles and various sauces can be discovered not only in well-known self-service restaurants, but often in takeaways.

An average hamburger contains per 100 g:

Since the meatball consists – or should consist – of pure beef, the fat content is still relatively low. But the hamburger bun and sauces are particularly rich in carbohydrates. A high percentage of sugar is baked into the bun so that it forms a nice brown crust when toasted. About 250 kilocalories per 100 grams is not the best energy density for weight loss enthusiasts. In addition, only 2 grams of fiber and very few vital nutrients are found in such a simple hamburger.

The healthy Nobel variant of the burger

The burger remains pure beef in almost all variants. Meatballs with admixtures of pork or bread are usually sold under other names. Therefore, most of the fat in this dish comes from the sauces used. Light dressings can therefore make a burger a healthier dish. Then, depending on the method of preparation, add a large side salad. Iceberg lettuce, fresh onions and tomatoes are also common ingredients in fast food burgers. This significantly reduces the energy density of the dish. If a whole-grain bread is then used instead of the usual white roll, more fiber is also absorbed. So even a burger can lend itself to a healthy weight loss menu.



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