Cola – world famous temptation

Cola is a sweetened soft drink that contains carbon dioxide and caffeine. Almost all over the world, the well-known soft drink enjoys great popularity. With a brownish-black color, the drink has a sweet taste. It is typically served with ice and lemon.

Cola as a product of the West

The drink finds its origin in the USA, in Texas. There, in 1885, pharmacist Charles Alderton invented a drink called Dr. Pepper. Today’s best-known brand, Coca Cola, was invented a year later by John Stith Pemberton – also a pharmacist. In addition, numerous other brands were subsequently developed, including Pepsi, Afri and Vita.

Lots of sugar, phosphate and caffeine

The first cola recipes contained mainly the caffeine-rich plant kola nut and extracts of erythroxylum leaves. Other main ingredients of today’s recipes are water, sugar and phosphoric acid. In addition, the taste is refined by lemon, vanilla, clove oil and cinnamon oil, and sometimes by tincture of mace flower, hyssop herb and calamus, coriander oil and distilled lime oil. The soft drink gets its dark color from the additive E 150d.

Especially the ingredients phosphoric acid and sugar can have an unhealthy effect on the body if consumed in excess. Thus, regular consumption can cause tooth decay and prevent bone growth. In addition, according to a study from the USA, phosphate inhibits the absorption of calcium. In addition, the mixture of caffeine, fructose and glucose contained in the drink is said to cause serious potassium deficiency. Consequences of this can be fatigue, muscle paralysis or even cardiac arrhythmias.

Popular everyday drink

Coke is drunk almost everywhere – at home, in a café, in a restaurant or at festivals. It can be purchased in plastic or glass bottles or in cans. It is often drunk from a glass with ice and lemon.

Excess is harmful

According to nutrition experts, there is not much wrong with cola, as long as it is enjoyed in moderation. However, if taken regularly in quantities of 1 liter or more daily, damage to health cannot be ruled out. The calorie content of a glass of cola (0.3 l) is 126 kcal, for a 1-liter bottle it is 420 kcal and for a 2-liter bottle 840 kcal.



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