Kebab – balanced snack

The variant of the kebab in pita bread can be classified as fast food. The taste is composed of the various ingredients, such as the grilled meat, salad and bread. Due to the tzatziki sauce, the snack usually has a strong garlic note.

The Anatolian tradition of doner kebab

As early as the 19th century, grilled meat was prepared on a spit in the Anatolian region. This is also the origin of the name of the dish. The classic version was still prepared as a meat skewer on a grill, then a little later layered meat was grilled on a vertical skewer. Originally, mutton and lamb were used, but today veal or beef is layered on the spit. Poultry kebabs with turkey or chicken are also available. Since about 1940, the doner kebab in pita bread has been offered as a snack in Istanbul. From there, the Turkish court continued to spread. The German version with lettuce appeared in Berlin from about the 1970s.

The kebab as a protein supplier

The nutritional values may differ depending on the variant and the type of meat it is made with. In any case, the snack is a good source of protein. A chicken kebab contains about 21.7 percent protein and the veal version contains 24.7 percent protein. Likewise, the snack has a high energy content due to the fat content. About 14 to 17 percent fat is contained. Carbohydrates account for about 3.5 percent. Due to the added salad in the snack, the fast food also has some vitamins, but they cannot be precisely determined.

The different varieties of grilled meat

Originally, the kebab was only offered as grilled meat on a skewer. Today, different variants of the dish are prepared. Above all, the kebab in pita bread is known. The sliced bread is filled with the meat and additionally lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and sauce. Other variants are, for example, the rolled form “Dürüm” and the version in thin pita bread, the Yufka.

Consumption recommendations for the Turkish snack

Often the kebab is seen as a healthy fast food, because it contains salad and other healthy ingredients. The high protein content can also be seen as positive, especially for muscle building. Nevertheless, the high energy content must also be considered, which comes from the considerable fat content.



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