White chocolate – a little sin

The white chocolate is a confectionery product: a solid food with a very high sugar content. It is not one of the staple foods. However, some experts do not consider this type of chocolate as chocolate at all, because the cocoa powder has been extracted from the cocoa mass used.

The white chocolate comes from Switzerland

The Swiss company Nestlé first introduced the chocolate variety in 1930. Since that time, it has spread rapidly around the world.

Properties of white chocolate

White chocolate has a high calorie content. It is higher than all other types of chocolate. This is mainly due to the fact that the percentage of cocoa butter and milk powder is very high, and the amount of fats and carbohydrates contained is also very high. Positive is the supply of the minerals potassium, calcium and phosphorus when eating chocolate. These are contained in relatively large quantities in the white chocolate. The element magnesium is also present, but in much lower concentrations.

Use for confectioners and bakers

White chocolate has a very high value in the confectionery trade at the present time. It is mainly used to decorate cakes and other baked goods. Especially for wedding cakes it is preferred in combination with marzipan. In addition, it is also used as shaved chocolate or in the form of sprinkles, and numerous decorative elements made of white chocolate are offered. A wide selection is available in grocery stores in table form and in hollow form during seasonal periods. With various cocoa powders, white chocolate is used to refine the taste. Because of the good taste and vanilla flavor, it is often mixed with milk chocolate.

Small highlight in healthy weight loss

A few small pieces of white chocolate may well be enjoyed once in a while as a pick-me-up while losing weight. However, it must also remain with this one small sin. White chocolate can lift your mood as it significantly increases serotonin and endorphin release. However, the few pieces maybe once a week must not become a daily habit. If the enjoyment of the confectionery is firmly built into the week’s meal plan as a one-time highlight, there is nothing wrong with it.



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