Wrap – quick snack

A wrap is a dish made of thin flat bread. This is rolled with a filling. Wraps originated in Tex-Mex cuisine. There, mainly tortillas were used as a shell. The recipe and composition of the filling knows no fixed rules. Many recipes are possible.

The wrap comes from the USA

Since the 1990s, wraps have also become known in Germany as fast food or a small snack for in between meals. Tex-Mex cuisine, a blend of Texas and Mexican cooking traditions, brought him forth. Thus, hot spices, beans and meat are also used in his recipes. U.S. Americans sometimes refer to wraps as a multicultural delicacy because many people of different nations created it and it is enjoyed worldwide.

Fast and varied

A wrap is quick to prepare. The dough patties can be baked at home. This can be done a few days before the planned consumption. In the course of a balanced diet should pay particular attention to the filling. Their composition significantly affects the amount of calories in the wrap. Otherwise, the wrap provides the human body well with carbohydrates and proteins. Depending on the filling, various important vitamins and amino acids are added. Sweet fillings are also allowed: Wraps can also be filled with jam.

Wraps are constantly varied

There is no set recipe for the wrap. It continues to be modified. Only the basic principle is always the same: rolled, small, with filling. Since almost all countries around the globe know food in rolled form, it was quickly adopted everywhere in the world. The chefs of the world are particularly imaginative when it comes to fillings. The variety ranges from vegetable porridge to fish salad and fruit. The possibilities know hardly any limits. What is allowed is what tastes good.

Look after the filling

When losing weight in a healthy way, a wrap can be a varied snack between meals. But its consumption should be an exception that breaks up the daily menu. Since a wrap is a relatively small snack, this fact quickly tempts you to eat several of them once in a while. This means it can quickly become a high-calorie meal. A special eye should be kept on the fillings. It should be designed in a balanced way.



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