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The steak belongs to the category of meat products. The taste depends mainly on the type of meat used, such as beef, pork, or turkey. The preparation of grilling or hot frying creates roasted flavors that complement the taste of meat.

The history of grilled meats

Originally, pieces of meat called steak, especially in northern Europe, were skewered directly on a lance by farmers or shepherds and grilled over a fire. The type of meat and from which part of the animal the piece came was not yet clearly defined. Meanwhile, there are different types of steaks. The name is based on the particular cut of meat, such as a rump steak, the roast beef or a tenderloin. The name steak refers mainly to beef as a type of meat, but steaks can also be made from pork, veal or poultry. Larger slices of a fish fillet are also most often referred to as steak.

The nutrients in steak

Regardless of the type of meat used, the protein content in steak is about 19 to 22 percent. This makes the grilled piece of meat a particularly good source of protein in the diet. Differences may lie in the respective fat content of the meat type. Lean muscle meat has only about 2 percent fat content, whereas pieces of breast have a 14 percent content. In addition, important minerals and vitamins are included, such as iron, potassium, vitamin B3, vitamin E and other B vitamins.

The preparation of a steak

Most often, the slices of meat ready cut by the butcher are cooked on the grill. In any case, it is important to sear or grill at high temperatures. The meat then rests in the oven to reach the desired cooking point.

A diet rich in protein for weight loss

Steaks are important sources of protein and, along with vegetables, are part of a balanced diet. Some diets focus primarily on a high protein content and few carbohydrates in the diet. Steaks are well suited for this purpose. High-protein diets are controversial only because they are one-sided. Therefore, a steak can be part of the menu more often if it is supplemented with other foods. Lean meat in particular can also help you lose weight.



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