Tea – tasty drink

To achieve the optimal body weight, in addition to changing eating habits, significantly fewer calories should be consumed. In addition, regular physical exercise helps lose weight. Drinking tea can support dietary changes.

Long tradition of tea as an infusion drink

At the beginning of the 17th century, the tea plant was first imported to Europe from Asia. Now there are numerous species and varieties that can be enjoyed hot and cold.

Valuable ingredients

If the drink is prepared only with hot water, it has little or very few calories. Depending on the type of tea, a low protein or carbohydrate content can be measured.

Catechin is contained in green, black and white tea. Various scientific studies support the claim that this improves cholesterol levels. Mate contains minerals as well as vitamins and is also suitable for supporting weight loss, as it simultaneously provides the body with valuable ingredients, e.g. vitamin C.

Preparation of the drink

Depending on the varieties, fresh or dried parts of the plant can be used for the infusion, e.g. leaves, buds, flowers or stems. The offer includes fruit, herbal and Rooibos tea, as well as black and green tea. Many varieties come from organic farming. In order to optimize body weight, the addition of sugar should be avoided as much as possible.

Positive effect for the body

Tea drinks can boost metabolism and fat burning. In order to achieve and permanently maintain the optimal body weight, attention should be paid to a varied and balanced diet. Dampen the appetite, for example, ginger and redbush tea. They are good for sudden attacks of cravings and thus also help to reduce weight. During the weight loss phase, it is not advisable to drink ready-made tea beverages, which usually contain a lot of sugar. In addition, at the same time, increase physical activity, for example, through endurance sports or strength training.

In addition, special herbal mixtures can be used to promote drainage and purification of the body. The detoxifying tea drinks should be drunk for a maximum period of two weeks.



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