Bratwurst – hearty grilled dish

Bratwurst is a type of boiled sausage, very hearty and is usually prepared grilled. The name derives from ‘sausage meat’, which is pressed into a casing. The taste is very hearty due to the high fat content and can combine different flavors depending on the variety and preparation.

The Bratwurst as a German cultural asset

The sausage is considered an important product of the Central European and German food culture. The origin of bratwurst production lies in the Middle Ages. Nuremberg grilled sausages, for example, are particularly well known, with origins dating back to around the 15th century. In 2006, a separate bratwurst museum was dedicated to the Thuringian bratwursts, which were first mentioned in a document in 1404. The cultural identity of the Free State is very closely linked to the Bratwurst, for example, a Thuringian Bratwurst King is elected every year.

A very rich food

There are countless varieties of fried sausages, which differ from each other in composition and taste. Generally speaking, the average sausage is almost two-thirds water and about one-fourth fat. Typical spices used in butchery today for sausage making are table salt, pepper, ginger, mace, lemon powder and cardamom. With about 300 kcal per 100 g, a bratwurst is a comparatively rich food.

The sausage is rich in minerals

Although there are only a few vitamins in the sausage, there are all the more important minerals and trace elements. Especially sodium, fluorine, copper and potassium are found in a sausage. What is dangerous is the high chlorine content, which at approx. 1 g per 100 g of sausage is well above the recommended daily requirement. Vitamin B3 is also contained in a high dose in sausages (the amount per 100 g of sausage corresponds to the recommended daily requirement).

Tastes good grilled or fried

Sausages can be both grilled and fried. During grilling and hot frying, aromatic frying flavors get into the sausage skin, which make up the typical bratwurst flavor. At cozy barbecues, a bratwurst is definitely allowed, even if you want to lose weight. However, the energy intake should be balanced by physical activity – for example, cycling.



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