Cucumbers – tasty garden vegetables

Cucumbers are considered one of the most consumed vegetables of all, and not only in this country. They belong to the cucurbits and can also be grown in your own garden, because it is a particularly cold-resistant plant. They are also an important source of nutrients for weight loss.

Cucumbers have come a long way

The vegetable originated in India, being domesticated there about 3,500 years ago. It was established in Europe about 2,000 years ago. About 44 million tons of cucumbers were harvested worldwide in 2007, most of them in China (about 50%). In Northern and Central Europe they are grown mainly in greenhouses, so the yields obtained in this country are much lower.

An extremely low energy content

For weight loss, cucumbers are characterized above all by their extremely low energy content. The nutritional value of a cucumber is 15 kcal per 100 g of vegetable. For this reason, even with strict diet plans, it is always allowed to snack on the vegetables, because they mainly provide the body with water. Fat has the lowest share of macronutrients (only 0.11 g per 100 g). A cucumber is mainly rich in vitamin B5, but very poor in vitamin C. The vegetable is also characterized by a high calcium content (16 mg per 100 g) and potassium content (147 mg per 100 g).

The different forms of preparation of the cucumber

Cucumbers can be eaten raw as well as fried. Most often they are a part of salad sets. A special form of cucumber besides the larger salad cucumber is the pickling cucumber. These are preserved either by lactic acid fermentation or by boiling down in a vinegar broth. Also known are honey and mustard cucumbers, which are processed in a similar way.

The cucumber as a “secret weaponâ€.

The low energy density leads to the fact that the cucumber is popular as an aid in radical diets. Radical diets, in which the body is supplied with far too little energy, often lead to severe muscle loss and the yo-yo effect when energy intake is increased again. However, cucumbers are an excellent addition to balanced diet plans because they can be consumed as a snack in between meals without having a guilty conscience. This also applies to pickling cucumbers, although honey cucumbers have a comparatively high energy content.



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