Sauerkraut – German national dish

Through lactic acid fermentation, the sauerkraut is produced from white cabbage or pointed cabbage and preserved at the same time. It is often eaten cooked as an accompaniment to various dishes, but is also sometimes enjoyed raw. In the world it is known as a German national dish.

Sauerkraut was already known to the ancient Greeks

Leavened white cabbage was produced in ancient Greece as well as in ancient Rome. Most ancient cultures knew the technique of preserving vegetables through lactic acid fermentation. Sauerkraut probably came to Germany through Jewish cuisine. Until the invention of new preservation methods, it was a winter staple among the Germans, the Poles, and the Dutch. In seafaring it was considered an important provision, because the vitamin C contained in sauerkraut prevents the disease scurvy.

A low calorie vitamin dispenser

Raw sauerkraut is very low in calories and has virtually no fat content. It contains larger amounts of lactic acid due to the fermentation process. In ancient times it was an important source of vitamins in winter. Like any cabbage vegetable, it contains large amounts of vitamin C, but vitamins A, B and K are also abundant. In addition, there are also important minerals. However, histamine, which is also contained, can trigger intolerances in rare cases.

Production has hardly changed

In principle, the sauerkraut is made today as it was centuries ago. Fresh white cabbage is cut into strips and squeezed into a pot. The cabbage tamper is used to break up the plant cells until its own sap covers the cabbage. No air should be left between them, otherwise rot may occur. The added salt ensures the preservation of the juice until fermentation. This lasts approximately four to six weeks. Today, the white cabbage product is mostly produced industrially using this method.

Variety of varied dishes

Sauerkraut is used in a variety of dishes. This is, for example, sauerkraut casserole, sauerkraut soup or caraway sauerkraut. As a sauerkraut salad, it is particularly easy to digest and can effectively support a weight loss project. However, it should also not be consumed too often, as it sometimes produces diarrhea. Commercially available sauerkraut juice is considered to stimulate digestion, but should not be enjoyed in large quantities.



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