Candy sugar – sweet diamond

Sugar crystals which crystallize out of a concentrated sugar solution after a period of several days are known as rock candy. The word originally comes from Persia. It entered the German vocabulary via Arabia and Italy.

Candy sugar had a tradition among the Arabs

The production method of rock candy was already known in the Arabian Peninsula in the 9th century. Doctors used candy around the year 1000 in Egypt, Persia and other Arab countries as an eye remedy, among other things. It was still often produced in the home around 1850. In old recipe books there are many instructions for this, some of which are now cooked again in tradition-oriented households. However, the own Kandiserzeugung requires much experience and takes some time. Candy is particularly important in the tea culture of East Frisia. A real Frisian tea time without candy is unthinkable.

Many different varieties

Different types of rock candy are crystallized from the concentrated sugar solution. The thread candy is one of the highest quality. For its production, threads are stretched in the crystallization crucibles, on which the candy sticks grow in several weeks. This requires a long experience in the production of candies. Other varieties include stick candy, crust candy or crumb candy. In East Frisia, the Kluntjes is especially well known. This is a large cube candy.

A common ingredient even in beers

In Germany, the East Frisians consume a lot of rock candy at their tea parties. These are also organized for tourists. Crumb candy and rock candy are common baking ingredients. Especially to cookie and cake recipes they find use. Various Belgian beers are brewed with rock candy, which is added to them before fermentation. In the USA, rock candy is known as a candy. It is colorfully dyed and sold on a stick.

A tea time with style

Candy sugar is a foodstuff that has pleasure value above all. Therefore, the East Frisians use it for their tea ceremonies. Older East Frisians appreciate the ceremony as a place of rest. Candy gives beverages a different sweetness than normal table sugar.



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