Parsley – valuable aromatic herb

Parsley is a biennial plant, which means it has a life cycle of two years. It belongs to the umbelliferous plant family and grows wild in the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean. The taste is tart and spicy and it grows in the form of a beet-shaped root with several bare stems.

Long history of the spice herb

The history of parsley dates back to ancient Greece, where it was highly valued as a sacred plant. Thus, it was ceremoniously presented to the winner at festivals. At that time, however, no distinction was made with celery. A demarcation was made in the Middle Ages, where parsley was first used as a medicinal plant and later as a cooking ingredient. To this day, it is indispensable in countless kitchens around the world.

Rich in vital substances and trace elements

The herb contains a variety of valuable ingredients, including the natural pigment chlorophyll. It helps purify and reproduce the blood and detoxify the liver and kidneys. In addition, together with the essential oils in the plant, it provides a pleasant mouth and body odor. In addition, the herb provides a wide variety of vitamins. Examples include vitamins A, B1 to B6, C, K, beta carotene and folic acid.

Popular addition to various dishes

Parsley serves as an important nutritional supplement in many countries around the world. It can be served with various dishes, including meat, fish, pasta, soups, sauces or salads. Usually the herb is heated only briefly or served raw to preserve the flavor. In French cuisine, on the other hand, it is common to add them to soups as a basic ingredient to give them a spicy flavor.

Parsley as a valuable ingredient

The herb plays a very important role in a healthy and balanced diet. Due to the variety of vitamins and trace elements, it has a very positive effect on the functions of the body. It is also said to prevent various ailments and diseases, including heartburn, heart problems, fatigue, and diseases of the kidney, bladder, and urinary tract. Optimally, parsley should be on the lunch table three to four times a week, and it can be served in a variety of forms.



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