Pepper spicy slimming?

Pepper is one of the spices that can be found in every kitchen. No wonder, because through the spicy taste many dishes get their distinctive flavor and spicy aroma. Meat dishes become particularly digestible due to the spice. The pungent can also be used as a remedy for various ailments.

Pepper – valuable spice from India

The homeland of the pepper plant is India. Already 1,000 years before the dawn of time, the natives knew how to use the benefits of these fruits both in the preparation of food and as a remedy. In Central Europe, pepper became known through Alexander the Great. For a long time, the spice was considered a sign of wealth and prosperity. The reason for this was the price. Many sayings, which have their origin in the Middle Ages, still remind us of this today.

Sharpener with valuable ingredients

The ingredients of the spice include essential oils, alkaloid, about six percent fatty oil and piperine. The piperine is contained in the black pepper fruits at five to nine percent and is responsible for the pungent, almost acrid taste. The sharpness triggers a pain stimulus in the body. This in turn boosts the production of endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, in the brain. Another positive effect of this valuable ingredient is that it stimulates the digestive organs, circulation and metabolism. The health-promoting and healing properties of pepper are used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Thus, the pungent spice is used, among other things, to relieve indigestion, cough and rheumatic complaints.

Properly used in the preparation of food

In the kitchen, the pepper is consumed in different varieties. The black peppercorns are used mainly in the preparation of broths from meat or soups. In ground form, the spice loses its flavor very quickly. Therefore, it is advisable to grind the grains fresh and season the dish with them just before consumption.

Spicy taste and good for the figure

The spicy taste increases the body temperature and the energy metabolism is increased. Fat burning should also be stimulated. If you want to take advantage of this positive effect, you should eat really spicy food at least twice a week.



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