Chives – versatile spice

Chives are planted in many gardens today. It is also sold as a potted plant in the supermarket. The herb is a leek and goes well with soups, sauces, cottage cheese, salads and vegetables when finely chopped. It provides a lot of vitamin C and A. Its typical taste is due to essential oils.

Chives were already known in the Middle Ages

Already in the early Middle Ages, this herb was cultivated. Some say it has been known to the Chinese since around 3000 BC and has been cultivated ever since. Natural stands of chives are found in the warm high mountains of Europe, Asia and North America, at altitudes up to 2,600 meters. But it is also at home along river courses. Today it is cultivated and can be found in many gardens. It is important that it is always freshly harvested before use so that the vitamins are not lost.

The spice contains abundant vitamin C and A

Fresh chives provide a lot of vitamin C and A. Their taste is due to the essential oils, which, like garlic or wild garlic, are said to have an antibacterial effect. Chives consist of more than two-thirds water, fat, carbohydrates and protein. In addition to the above vitamins, it contains vitamin E, folic acid and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and K. In trace elements, it is rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and iodide, but also manganese and sulfur.

It goes well with many dishes

The spice is one of the “fines herbes” in French cuisine. The tubular leaves, which can be harvested from May to October, are added finely chopped salads, soups and vegetables, but also cottage cheese and egg dishes. Bavarians and Austrians like to eat chive bread, a slice of bread with butter and a thick chive topping.

Chives as a medicinal plant

In our country, the plant is known mainly as a spice. But it is also attributed healing effects. It has antibacterial and diuretic effect. Furthermore, good results are achieved with loss of appetite, flatulence, inflammation of the intestines, gout and cough. It purifies the blood, drives away spring fatigue, aids digestion and loosens phlegm. It also has a positive effect on blood vessels.

Those who want to lose weight should use this plant abundantly. It has hardly any calories and provides many vitamins, minerals and trace elements.



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