Basil – Mediterranean herb

Basil is also called royal herb and is one of the Mediterranean herbs commonly used in Italian cuisine. The herb has a very typical, fresh and delicate aroma that goes especially well with tomato sauces and numerous southern dishes.

Basil used as a medicinal herb already in ancient times

The exact origin of the royal herb can no longer be traced today. However, it is believed that the plant originated in northwest India and was used as early as 1000 years before Christ. Planted basil was mainly as a medicinal plant, as well as a spice and ornamental herb. It was also planted in ancient Egypt, which showed archaeological findings. It was not until the 12th century AD that basil came to the German region.

Spice herb rich in vitamins

The Mediterranean spice has numerous vitamins and minerals when fresh herb. Among them are, for example, vitamins A, C, E, and vitamins B1 and B3. Also included are some minerals, such as potassium, calcium and phosphorus. The main component of the plant is water. The solid components of the herb consist mainly of carbohydrates and vegetable protein. Fat in the form of essential oils is only present in small quantities.

Aroma dispenser for many Mediterranean dishes

Ideal basil goes with tomato dishes such as sauces and salads. Usually the herb is used fresh and either plucked or cut into small pieces, which allows the flavors to develop well. Dried basil is also available, but some of the flavor is lost during processing. As the main ingredient, the herb is used in the classic pesto verde. Together with cheese and nuts, the cabbage is chopped and mixed with oil. The green sauce serves as a side dish to various pasta dishes.

Lose weight with fresh Mediterranean cuisine

Alone by the herb can not produce a healthy diet, however, it helps as a fresh and flavorful supplement. Basil in fresh form is served with light Mediterranean dishes and can also be considered part of a healthy diet due to its own ingredients. Since it is not consumed in large quantities as a spice, the amount of calories is rather negligible.



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