Marjoram – a versatile spice

Marjoram (lat.: Origanum majorana) belongs to the genus of the labiates. It is an annual herbaceous plant that can reach a height of up to 80 cm. Since it has a very spicy – bitter taste, it gives a very special flavor to many dishes.

Marjoram origin

The wild form of this spice originated in India and Asia Minor, now Cyprus and Turkey. Even in ancient Greece, people were aware of its special effect: this spice was consecrated to the goddess Aphrodite because it was said to have libido-enhancing effects. Today, marjoram is also grown in Central and Eastern Europe, but only in regions with a warm and dry climate.

Ingredients of the labiates

Marjoram is composed of many different substances. On the one hand, it contains up to 3.5% essential oils. However, the content depends on the respective soil quality. The bitter substances present are mainly responsible for its taste, and the so-called flavonoids for its strong green color. In contrast, marjoram does not contain any nutrients in the true sense of the word.

Use and preparation

Since the labiatae consists mainly of essential oils, it is often used for diseases. In infants it helps as an ointment against colds and flatulence, in adults it is also used for joint pain. As a tea, it promotes milk production in lactating women. At the same time it has a calming effect on the central nervous system. As a seasoning, it tastes especially good with potato dishes, but also with soups, legumes and chicken. It can be used fresh or dried. The only known side effect of too frequent or excessive use is headache.

Healthy weight loss with marjoram

On the one hand, the spice stimulates the appetite, but on the other hand, when used in normal doses, it boosts fat loss by making fatty dishes easier to digest. The intestinal activity is also stimulated by this labiates. An extract of wild marjoram is said to help people who want to lose weight to better eliminate excess acid deposits from the connective tissue. According to research, some people suffer from hyperacidity of the body, which can be manifested by chronic fatigue, frequent colds and nervousness.



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