Kohlrabi – crunchy cabbage vegetables

Kohlrabi is a very well-known vegetable in Germany, one of the many cultivated forms of vegetable cabbage. The thickened shoot axis above ground serves as food. It is little known that the plant is actually biennial: In the first year the tuber develops, and in the second – the inflorescence.

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The origin remains unclear

Nutritionists have not yet figured out where kohlrabi actually came from in terms of cultural history. It is believed to have been bred in the Mediterranean region or in Central Asia. Likewise, the timing of cultivation is unclear. Evidence of kohlrabi cultivation in Europe dates back to the 16th century. In numerous herbal books at the time, it has been depicted in great detail. Especially in the 19th century, the kohlrabi then spread in the German-speaking world. The name has been adopted in numerous other languages, as it is considered a German vegetable abroad. There are white and blue varieties.

Kohlrabi with typical taste

The typical taste of kohlrabi comes from various fruit acids, sugars and mustard oil glycosides. Citric acid and malic acid are the fruit acids with the highest percentage of involvement. The kohlrabi leaves have twice the vitamin C content of the tuber. Calcium and iron are present in tenfold quantity. Sometimes, therefore, the leaves appear as an ingredient in modern kohlrabi dishes.

Use and preparation

Young tubers are often eaten raw, sometimes with the skin. Cut into slices or pieces, they are boiled or steamed. German cuisine thus processes them into vegetable side dishes, purees, into soups and stews. A special dish is stuffed kohlrabi, prepared with minced meat, for example. Young leaves are increasingly processed into leafy vegetables in recent years, which was not very common before. Kohlrabi tubers, preserved like sauerkraut, are a well-known food in some parts of France.

Varied diet with the tuber

The energy value of the tuber is very low. Therefore, as part of a healthy diet, kohlrabi is good to include in the menu. Due to the possibility of preparing numerous different dishes from it, it can also be well planned into a weight loss project.



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