Chicken meat – delicious source of protein

Chicken meat is one of the poultry meats and is considered particularly low in calories. The taste is initially relatively neutral, but can change depending on the method of preparation and seasoning. Roasted chicken, for example, adds roasting flavors.

Keeping chickens already for thousands of years

Chicken meat already has an ancient tradition. Chickens were first kept on the Indus River about 2500 years before Christ. In Europe, the first chickens can be traced from the Iron Age, about 1200 BC. However, proper breeding did not take place until the Romans, who bred the chicken as a source of eggs and meat. While the female chicken was mainly used for egg production, the male chicken was good to use for meat production. Today, meat from both the female chicken and the chicken is consumed.

Low calorie meat with high protein content

The chicken meat is one of the healthiest meats, because it contains a very high protein content and little fat. Especially the chicken breast corresponds to this structure. For example, chicken leg has more fat, but it contains mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids. Chicken meat also contains some important minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. In terms of vitamins, vitamin B3 in particular is present in chicken meat.

The preparation of chicken meat

Chicken can be prepared in various ways, for example, boiled, steamed, or fried. A classic variant is the so-called grilled chicken, which is often sold at snack stands. However, these chickens are usually very greasy. Especially chicken breast is used in various cuisines, which can be a little more exotic. For example, the meat can be cooked in a curry and served with rice.

Chicken meat enables low calorie diet

In principle, poultry meat, which includes chicken, is well suited for a calorie-conscious diet. It is important that the preparation is also rather low-fat. The high protein content in chicken meat speaks for a balanced diet. This can still be supplemented with other foods, always resorting to a healthy combination for weight loss.



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