Beef low fat nutrient supplier

Beef is one of the most commonly consumed meats and is versatile for soups, roasts and other dishes. In addition to high-quality protein, the meat also contains a number of minerals and trace elements that are important for maintaining good health.

Healthy beef from controlled slaughtering

Much of the beef available in this country comes from German cattle breeding, which is monitored from the birth of the animals to their rearing and slaughter. This includes the control of feed and meat to ensure the high quality of the product and health safety.

Nutrient content of the meat

Beef contains high levels of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and A, which are particularly important for health. In addition, the meat is a supplier of the valuable nutrient iron. The lean cuts of beef contain less fat compared to other red and white meats, which is why it is recommended during weight loss. In addition, the beef contains the minerals potassium, zinc, selenium, magnesium, copper and phosphorus. The nutrient content of beef fillet per 100 grams is clearly listed in the table below:

The use of the meat in the kitchen

When preparing beef, ensure that it is fresh and consumed only until the stated expiration date. It does not need to be cooked through, which is why steaks in particular are often left slightly rare on the inside to preserve the flavor. Before preparation, the meat should be washed under cold water and then dried.

Importance of beef for a balanced diet

Due to the high nutritional value of beef, it is suitable as part of a healthy diet plan and can be consumed up to once a week. A quantity of about 150 grams per meal is recommended, which provides the body with the vital nutrients. The meat of beef has a value of 92, because from 100 grams of meat can be formed about 92 grams of body protein. The iron contained in animal foods can also be better processed by the organism than that from plant sources.



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