Pork – versatile food

Pork is the most popular type of meat in Germany and is used to produce sausages as well as in the preparation of a variety of dishes. It contains minerals, fatty acids and a high percentage of proteins, which are important for health.

Pork from controlled farming

In order to guarantee the quality of the pork and offer consumers products that are safe for their health, the breeding and the meat are monitored by controls. Also available is meat from pigs raised organically, where the animals are kept in a manner appropriate to their species and fed naturally.

The nutrients in meat

The meat of pigs has a protein content of about 20 percent and is also an important supplier of vitamin B1. About 150 grams of pork already cover an adult’s daily requirement of vitamin B1, which as a coenzyme is vital for obtaining energy from food. In addition, this amount contains about 50 percent of the need for selenium and vitamin B6. Due to the specific breeding, the pork is also low in fat and is also suitable as part of a diet for weight loss. A maximum of one meal per week containing pork is recommended. In addition, about 50 grams of sausage can be consumed. The table below lists the nutrients of pork per 100 grams:

The preparation of the dishes

When cooking, roasting and braising the pork, make sure it is well done. Raw meat should not be eaten as it may contain bacteria. In addition, the meat should be fresh and stored in the refrigerator.

Pork as part of the menu

Compared to other meats, lean pork tenderloin also contains little fat. Therefore, it is also recommended as part of a low-calorie and low-fat diet to reduce weight. The meat of the pig is easily digestible and can be used for a number of different dishes. In addition, pork tenderloin has no more calories than poultry meat, for example, and is also a good source of minerals. The iron contained in pork can be well absorbed by the body and is important for maintaining health.



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