Eggplant: Italian cucumber

Eggplant is a subtropical vegetable, which in the broadest sense resembles the cucumber that grows in this country. It is an important ingredient in Mediterranean and Oriental cuisine, but is not usually eaten raw. The shrub fruit is known to often have small amounts of nicotine detectable in it.

The fruit from the east

While it is not proven for certain, eggplant probably found its way into European cuisine from Asia. There it was already cultivated more than 4,000 years ago. In European fields the Saracens began to cultivate the first fruits, and in Italy cooking recipes have been handed down from the 15th century. Nowadays, China is considered the largest producer of eggplant, there the preparation of the fruit can be historically traced back to 609 AD.

The eggplant: ideal for weight loss

The fruits are not only an important component of southern cuisine, but also part of countless balanced diet plans. This is due to the unique taste, special forms of preparation and nutritional composition of the fruit. Eggplants consist of more than 90% water. The solids are largely divided into carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Among micronutrients, the main ones found in eggplant are high levels of vitamin C, potassium, niacin and phosphorus.

Forms of preparation of the tropical fruits

The fruits are often prepared in Turkish and oriental cuisine stuffed with meat and tomatoes. In Italian cuisine, there are also numerous traditional casserole recipes to be found. In France, eggplants are mostly used in ratatouille. In Central and Northern European cuisine, on the other hand, eggplants are not traditionally anchored. Here, the fruits are mostly consumed in southern dishes. It is important that the flavor of the fruit comes out when it is heated. Eggplants are also often prepared grilled.

Lose weight with the eggplant

Since the forms of preparation are very diverse and the fruits are usually eaten warm, there are countless recipes with the southern fruits. Even though an eggplant has a very low caloric value with comparatively effective nutrient intake, it is important to pay attention to a balanced diet (eggplants have a very low iron value, for example).



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