Tennis: a passion for young and old

Tennis is a ball sport that can be performed in singles (2 people play against each other) and doubles (one team of 2 people fights against another team of 2 people). The often long and exciting matches are fun and additionally burn calories.

French origins of the sport of tennis

The forerunner of today’s game of tennis probably lies in the French “Jeu de Paume” (game played with the palm of the hand), which was played mainly in monastery courts. This involved passing a ball over a net against the wall, with spectators seated opposite. The etymology of the term tennis, on the other hand, is uncertain. It is thought to come from the French imperative “tenez” for “hold (the ball).”

Binding rules of the game

Generally applicable rules did not emerge until July 1877. The object of the game is to pass a small felt ball over a net with a racket in such a way that it bounces inside the playing field and cannot be reached by the opponent. The ball may bounce no more than once in the field and may not touch the body. Counting is done by a referee in points, games and sets. At the beginning of each point is the serve. The winner is the player who has won two sets, or often three sets for the men. A set in tennis usually consists of six winning games.

Low acquisition costs

The equipment for this sport is limited to a racket, balls, shoes suitable for the court and training clothes. However, there are fees for the use of the court or hall. Anyone wishing to become a member of the tennis club or take advantage of coaching lessons must pay a fee of varying amounts.

Suitability of tennis for weight loss

Tennis primarily promotes strength, coordination and endurance. However, those who are very overweight should not resort to this sport to lose weight, because it is very stressful on the joints. Otherwise, this ball sport is suitable for weight loss, if intensive and running game. It is good to first get to know the sport better through a trial training. In fact, tennis only helps you lose weight if you do the sport regularly. Additional endurance and strength training is recommended for competitive players to better compensate for the demands placed on the body. Of course, calories are burned in the process.



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