Aerobic steps: low and high impact

Aerobic steps were widespread as a component of aerobics, especially in the 1980s, but they are also a frequently performed fitness program or its component in the present day. They are usually performed in a group under the guidance of a trainer.

Aerobic steps as part of aerobics

In the 1960s, aerobics established itself as a U.S. fitness program. Kenneth H. Cooper, M.D., a physician, had created a preliminary form of sport as health training. This strengthened especially the heart and lungs. Actress Jane Fonda picked it up and made it known around the world as her fitness program after 1980. On this basis, for example, a form of pop gymnastics developed in the GDR, which became very well known, especially through the television program “Medicine by Notes”. Numerous sports medicine findings were incorporated into these exercises. Even in the present day, aerobic steps are a part of numerous fitness programs.

Low-impact and high-impact are the basic steps

Aerobic steps can be divided into two types. Once there are the low-impact steps, which are light and produce little force on impact. In contrast to this are the high-impact steps, which are combined with jumps. They create an impact that can be very strong and may well put above-average stress on the joints. Therefore, both types of jumps are usually combined as “Hi-Low”. This is particularly useful from a sports medicine point of view.

Music is fundamental for the exercise sequences

Aerobic steps are unthinkable without the corresponding music, because they are based on it. For example, there is the mambo step, which is built on four beats and is slow. Marching builds on marching music and also has a moderate tempo.

Effects on lifestyle

Aerobics and the aerobic steps support a weight loss project sensibly. However, sports physicians have come to the conclusion that high-impact aerobic moves can damage joints. That is why the steps should usually be performed in the Hi-Low degree. Aerobics is also mostly done in community. This social component has a positive effect on mental well-being.



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