Volleyball – healthy team sport

Sports and exercise are very important for a healthy life. Volleyball is a sport that goes less to the fat reserves than endurance sports like jogging, but is a lot of fun and incidentally improves the muscles and coordination enormously.

History of volleyball

Volleyball finds its origin in 1895 in Massachusetts, where it was first developed under the name Mintonette by William G. Morgan. A year later, the game was officially launched and already received the name Volley Ball. Since then, the team sport has spread from Canada around the world.

Good for muscles and condition

In terms of endurance and fat burning, volleyball does not come close to sports like jogging, swimming or even soccer. The calorie consumption of 200 to 300 kcal per hour is relatively low. In addition, the players are not constantly in motion, it is more important to speed and responsiveness. Nevertheless, of course, it can not be denied that especially advanced players certainly develop no small condition, otherwise they would not be successful.

However, the emphasis in volleyball is on short sprints, high coordination skills and strong muscles. To block jump in front of the net, the player needs strong leg muscles and high bounce. It also requires arm, abdominal, back, hip and neck muscles. However, the game of volleyball brings a relatively high load on the tendons and joints, so injuries are not uncommon.

On the beach or in the hall

Basically, a distinction is made between indoor and beach volleyball. The former is played indoors in teams of six, the latter in two-on-two outdoors. Interested people can join a sports club or prit and bag with friends in the open air.

Volleyball brings movement and strengthens the body

As a rather gentle sports program, volleyball is especially suitable for people with a lower resilience, for example older people and people with cardiovascular problems or respiratory diseases. Of course, there are also a lot of successful athletes among the volleyball players, who stand out especially for their high agility and strong muscles. Team sports are ideal in combination with endurance sports such as jogging or swimming.



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