Aerobics basic steps: dancing and gymnastics

The well-known gymnastics workout can burn about 450 kcal per hour. Basic aerobic steps are performed to music and are related to dance and gymnastics. The exercises strengthen the muscles of the entire body and are suitable for medium overweight.

Endurance training and training of coordination

Aerobic basic steps are easy to learn. The dynamic fitness training trains endurance and coordination and mixes gymnastics and dance. It was developed in the 60s and caught on in the early 80s when Jane Fonda popularized the sport as a gymnastics workout for women.

Aerobic basic steps with two levels of difficulty

An aerobic workout usually consists of a warm-up with stretches, a circuit workout, as well as a cool-down and a stretching and relaxation phase. Aerobic basic steps are divided into two degrees: the so-called low-impact and high-impact steps. The former have little impact, while the latter are jumped. Those who suffer from back or joint problems should only perform the steps in low-impact. Aerobics lessons can be taken by beginners in studios and sports clubs.

Aerobic basic steps like Marching and Toe Touch

Basic aerobic steps include marching or tap, marching with strong arm use on the spot, and tapping the ball of the foot in front, to the side, or behind. Other steps can be developed from marching, such as the Toe Touch – where exercisers take one step to the right and tap the floor with the toe of their left foot right next to their right. A knee lift is when aerobics exercisers tighten the knee, a squat is called a plié. Some steps are also dance-like, for example the cha-cha-cha or the mambo, which are similar to the well-known dance styles and can also be combined with each other.

Lose weight with aerobic exercises

Since aerobics trains endurance, the exercises can be used to specifically reduce fat deposits. The calorie consumption is 450 kcal per hour. The exercises at the same time strengthen the abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks and back, making them firmer. The better oxygen supply and blood circulation also tighten the skin. The pulse should be about 70 percent of normal during the exercises. This can be calculated by subtracting the age from the base value 220.



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