Badminton is precision and dynamics at the net

Badminton is a hitting game played indoors in pairs or foursomes with a shuttlecock and one racket per player. The goal is to hit the ball over a net with high running intensity, dynamics and a lot of technique so that the opponent cannot bring it back over the net according to the rules.

Shuttlecock 2000 years ago

Already 2000 years ago, a kind of badminton was played. Cavemen from India occasionally exchanged their spears for flattened horns, which they then used to kick a “feathered wooden ball” at each other. The Incas and Aztecs had a similar game. In 1872, “Poona” the game with the feathered ball on the English country estate “Badminton” received its future name. From then on, it was played with enthusiasm, first in churches, because the height of the central nave offered the shuttlecock a free trajectory. In 1903, the first badminton club outside England was founded in Germany.

Badminton – rules today

The field is 13.40 m x 5.18 m (double 6.10 m). The shuttlecock is hit with a racket over a 1.55 m high net that runs across the center of the field. The rally is over as soon as the shuttlecock touches the floor. The point goes to the last person to hit the ball over the net. The first to collect 21 (maximum 30) points wins the set. Whoever wins two sets wins the match. If the set is tied, a third set is sought to decide the match. The winner of the last ball change always serves. The trajectory of the shuttlecock must be diagonal, i.e. from the right service area to the right receiver area and vice versa. After each point win, the server changes sides.

Game, set and match

The aim of the game is to bring the ball as fast as possible over the net to the bottom of the opponent’s feed field with a lot of dynamics and spin. The sport is practiced in sports halls free of clubs or in clubs. The cost (excluding jersey, pants and sports shoes) for racket and ball ranges from the beginner’s set for about 17.00 € to professional equipment from 180 €.

Dynamics, fun and fitness

Badminton is a full-body sport. The muscles of the trunk, arms, legs and back are used. Constant turning/stopping and starting moments expose the knees and knee joints to severe stress. During the game, a lot of body fat is burned. A man with 87 kg consumes at 20 min. light game about 91 kcal and burns 13 g of fat. During intensive training, fat consumption is almost twice as high.



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