Jogging: as simple as effective

Not much equipment is needed for jogging and this sport can be done almost anywhere. Therefore, running is a great way to increase the body’s energy consumption and thus get closer to the targeted body weight in a healthy way.

How jogging was born

To jog in English means to plod something that people have always done. But it was not until the middle of the 20th century that a New Zealand doctor recognized in endurance running a training method that significantly increases performance for endurance sports. He also recommended running to health-oriented recreational athletes and founded the first jogging club in 1961.

Probably the simplest sport in the world

Running is the most natural way to get around. When jogging, choose a pace that can easily be maintained over a longer period of time: oxygen intake and consumption are in balance. Heart rate monitors can help narrow down this condition; experienced joggers develop a sense of when they are neither too fast nor too slow.

Everywhere and anytime

Of course, jogging is most beautiful in the fresh air, in parks, forests and between fields. If you’re in a hurry, running can start right at the front door. It is important to wear good shoes that cushion the impact and thus protect the joints.

Lose weight through jogging

Running is a cheap and uncomplicated way to improve endurance and lower energy levels. A 65-kilo woman walking at a medium speed consumes about 650 kilocalories during one hour, as much as is contained, for example, in 220 grams of uncooked pasta. With regular training, endurance improves, running speed becomes faster and energy consumption increases accordingly.

Since almost no equipment is needed, anyone can get started right away with, for example, a short run in a nearby park. When this awakens the joy of running and jogging becomes a regular hobby, tendons, ligaments and joints adapt to the strain. This makes longer and longer workouts possible.

As natural as jogging may be, it puts a lot of strain on the musculoskeletal system. Caution is advised for people who are very overweight or who have a history of joint or ligament problems. They should ask their primary care physician if running is the right sport for them.



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