Zumba – movement intensive dance sport

Zumba is a combination of many different dance sports, martial arts and aerobics. Because of their origin, the movement patterns are extraordinarily versatile, strenuous and interesting. The sport is suitable for the whole society.

The origin of Zumba

In the 1990s, choreographer Alberto Betoâ Perez was embarrassed not to have a music cassette with him for his aerobics class. In the absence of alternatives, he put on Latin Salsa and Merengue, which quickly gave rise to new movement patterns to the unfamiliar rhythms. After a rapid spread within Colombia, the new dance sport reached the United States in 1999 and from there the whole world.

What the trend sport consists of

Zumba is a dance, but it clearly also has influences from the aerobic movement. He follows the music completely, ignoring bars and presenting himself through constant repetition. In it you can find group fitness moves, martial arts, hip-hop, merengue, samba, mambo, salsa and some Bollywood and belly dance moves. The data included in this list reflect the main characteristics:

What are the variants

Since Zumba is in constant development, and is a very versatile dance sport in the first place, various expressions have quickly emerged. Classic content combines high-intensity Latin with pop culture. The Gold version is adjusted for people with limited mobility and is therefore greatly simplified, so it is especially interesting for the elderly and sick. Toning is extreme, calorie-burning endurance training that trains strength at specific target areas of the body. Zumbatomic is a dance style designed for children between the ages of four to twelve that incorporates urban music, and is intended to instill values such as discipline, teamwork, and accuracy. Zumba in the Circuit shortens the normal 60 minutes of a class by half, making it more effective and more strenuous, especially more compact. Aqua-Zumba is water-based, relatively easy to perform and improves cardiovascular health.

For a good body feeling and to lose weight

Zumba is a dance sport that can be performed by almost anyone, depending on the level, improves stamina and gives a new body awareness. By being able to create a calorie deficit via the movements, body fat is burned, causing weight loss.



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