Swimming – popular recreational sport

Swimming is a popular recreational sport for many people in the Federal Republic of Germany. In the warm season it is practiced in waters, in the colder months in indoor swimming pools. The sport of swimming can also be practiced as a competition.

Swimming has a long history

People have been swimming for as long as mankind has existed. Already the first people had to overcome rivers. A sealing cylinder made of clay is considered the oldest evidence of swimming, it was found in Egypt and dated to the 4th millennium BC. In ancient Greece and Rome, various swimming aids are mentioned, including swimming belts and tubes filled with air. In the 16th century, the first known swimming textbook was published by Nikolaus Wynmann. Since the beginning of the 19th century, swimming developed as a popular sport and swimming lessons were gradually held in schools.

Effect of swimming on the human body

Swimming is one of the sports which are very healthy. All muscles receive an even workout, and there is little stress on the joints. The physical condition and endurance are significantly improved. The volume of the lungs increases, breathing improves. The heart muscle is also positively stimulated.

Different types of swimming

In technical language, the different types of swimming are called swimming styles. Today, the breaststroke, backstroke, butterfly, and crawl, among others, are well known. The breaststroke is the most common type in Germany and the first to be taught in swimming courses. Techniques also vary from country to country. In the Empire of Japan, there are several styles of swimming based on the samurai tradition.

Attention must be paid to

Since swimming uses all parts of the human body, it is good for weight loss. At the same time, joints and bones are gently stressed, as the movements are buffered by the water. However, there is an increased risk of accidents when swimming. Here, always make sure that a lifeguard is nearby. Especially due to a calf cramp, there is a risk of drowning.



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