Body Weight Exercises: Uncomplicated, but not too easy

Most exercise programs require equipment, especially when it comes to exercises that help build muscle. In Body Weight Exercises, only your own body serves as resistance to movement, so these exercises are particularly flexible to perform.

Body Weight Exercises – the oldest training program

Push-ups, torso squats, squats, pull-ups and bench presses have one thing in common: almost anyone can do them at any time, because these exercises don’t require gyms and the equipment they contain. Body Weight Exercises describe a group of muscle-building exercises in which your own body serves as resistance. The training methods are very old and are already taught in physical education classes. BWEs are sometimes very effective even without the use of equipment.

An economical recreational sport

When performing Body Weight Exercises, many muscles work simultaneously, thus a total body workout occurs. Only a few exercises are needed in total to train all important muscle groups. At the same time, this holistic training leads to a time-saving effect. The cost savings over other training methods using equipment is also an advantage of BWE. Accordingly, it is a training at zero cost.

Flexible training with the body

Various standard exercises such as push-ups or the trunk bends surely know everyone. However, new effective exercises are constantly being developed and described in various sports books, for example. If necessary, exercises can also be developed by the students themselves. There are no limits to creativity with Body Weight Exercises. Nevertheless, it is important to pay attention to tight body tension and correct execution in all exercises, so that the body is not subject to asymmetric loads.

Difficult to compare with different physique

A disadvantage of this form of training is the lack of comparability in a competition, because with different body build and weight, the efforts are different for comparable exercises. People with high overweight should also avoid exercises without equipment, because their body resistance is usually too high.



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