Skiing – popular winter sport

When skiing, the sportsman is in the open terrain or uses a prepared ski slope. He glides through the snow on skis. Skiers are in themselves amateur athletes who pursue this activity mainly in their free time.

Skiing has a long history

Telemarken, a Norwegian landscape, is considered the area of origin of skiing in its present sporting form. But some sources also report that already after 1600 farmers in Carniola in Austria dared slalom and downhill. However, shortly thereafter this fell into oblivion, and it was Norwegian skiing that made skiing known throughout the world in the 19th century. After 1950 it developed into a popular sport and is practiced by numerous people.

Effect of skiing on the human body

Skiing involves the use of the whole body of the person. The leg muscles and buttocks are involved. The muscles of the upper body are challenged, they stabilize the human body. The arms are constantly in motion due to the ski poles, thus training the arm muscles. Positive is the stay in the open air and at lower temperatures. These exert a positive stimulus on the human body.

Energy consumption while skiing in one hour

A sport with many possibilities

Skiing can be practiced in various forms. Deep snow skiing, ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing and mogul skiing are just a few possible variations. Beginners should start very easy and avoid risky descents. Level terrain with little activity is just right for beginning skiers. Also in summer, the sport can be performed in halls and partly on sand. In some cases, the training facilities of professional athletes open to the public for this purpose.

Overall, skiing is a healthy way to lose weight while being active. However, accidents can happen in the process, as in all sports. In the field of sports medicine, ski accidents are even a separate specialty. It is important to pay attention to the material: Skis, poles, boots and protective clothing should be checked before each action. On the slopes and in the terrain, consideration must be shown to other skiers.



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