Inline skating – sporty calorie burner

Inline skating is a very popular, versatile trend sport, which is characterized by the combination of endurance sports with artful movement sequences. Here, depending on the intention of the athlete, aesthetics, but also calorie consumption play a role.

Where inline skating comes from

In 1760, the Belgian John-Josef Merlin fitted the blades of ice skates with two metal wheels to enable them to skate without ice. This first model was quite unsafe and in need of a very smooth floor, so it was soon supplemented with wooden wheels and brakes.

How the skates are built

Inline skates are technically sophisticated products designed specifically for fast, agile movements. A distinction is made between comfortable soft boot skates, agile field hockey skates, lightweight speed skates and street skates developed for individual driving technique. This list summarizes the main data of the sport:

How to use inline skates

First of all, a distinction is made between different variants of this sport. There is the intensive form, which is geared towards halfpipes and other courses, is harder to perform and has a lot of artificial movements. A high level of body control is required here, as well as a certain toughness, as small accidents are commonplace. The freestyle slalom variant is a bit easier, but goes in the same direction. The aim here is to drive as aesthetically as possible, and not to touch the cones that are closely positioned in the process. For team athletes, there is inline basketball and inline soccer, which are much faster than their basic sports, and are an attraction for many participants because of the special difficulty. Nordic blading, on the other hand, is practiced with poles, and is aimed at long distances, endurance and fun in the fresh air, and therefore belongs to the fitness versions of inline skating.

How to lose weight through skating

Inline skating is an endurance sport and therefore consumes massive amounts of calories. Spending a lot of time on it creates a calorie deficit that melts away unnecessary pounds. However, overweight people are at greater risk of having minor accidents or suffering damage from excessive exertion. It is therefore important to start inline skating slowly and carefully at first, in order to be able to assess your own abilities.



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