Chores sports: trains all the muscles

Chores need to be done. It is therefore conceivable to incorporate them into a movement concept. After all, there are usually about two hours of work in the household: Scrubbing floors, wiping windows and gardening require physical effort that can also be rated as sporting.

Distribution of household chores among the sexes

While men used to be virtually untouched by housework, even if their wives worked at least part-time, there has been a significant shift in the era of women’s emancipation. In 2002, a study by the State Statistical Office found that while women are slightly less engaged in paid work than men, they do proportionately more of the unpaid work that can be equated with housework. After all, men are now making a contribution that has been increasing since the early 1990s. Thus, both sexes can also include these activities in their fitness program, exercise consciously and save expenses in the gym.

Working in the house perceived as a sport

There would be the following chores: Scrubbing the floors on the knees with pressure and far-reaching movements, so that the shoulder girdle is also well exercised. Climbing stairs and other walking distances can be recorded via a pedometer. 10,000 steps is considered a sensible training program and the wearer learns quite a bit about his or her exercise behavior. Transport material can still be taken along as a handicap: full laundry baskets, trash cans, beverage crates.

Advantages of working indoors over other sports

It does not require special equipment for chores and it costs nothing. It even saves money when otherwise someone would have to be hired to do the work for pay. Moreover, it is not only the sporting success in household chores that should be valued. Also the sense of achievement of a visible task solution, which replaces the overcoming of the inner pig, which is reported again and again from other sports. Intra-family social contacts are strengthened.

Slimming with the works in the house

80 minutes of ironing brings – depending on personal data – approximately the consumption of 180 and gardening 273 kilocalories. Cleaning up for 20 minutes consumes 60 kilocalories, vacuuming 40 kilocalories, and cooking for an hour adds 120 kilocalories.



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